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Unlock the Talent Network of Over 50K+ IT Professionals, Adept in 100+ Skill Sets. Our top 3% of remote developers undergo rigorous pre-vetting for technical prowess, language fluency, and cultural compatibility. Global enterprises can enlist remote developers from CloudTrains as little as 48 business hours, enjoying a risk-free trial period of up to 2 weeks. Elevate your web & app development capabilities by recruiting top-tier remote developers.While You Focus on Your Core Business. We manage and handles your tech team and projects.
What Sets CloudTrains Apart in Recruitment :
  • Effortless Payroll Administration.
  • Smooth Tax Compliance.
  • Efficient Notice and Layoff Procedures.
  • Comprehensive Employee Contracts and NDA Management.
  • Proactive Equipment Procurement and Maintenance.
  • Dependable Retention and Replacement Strategies.
  • Skill Development and Upskilling Initiatives.
  • Background Verification and KYC Compliance.

Models That Set Us Apart

In the ever-evolving business environment of today, adaptability in recruitment has emerged as a pivotal factor for achieving success. Organizations are progressively embracing an array of hiring models to effectively cater to their multifaceted talent requirements. Let's explore a range of diverse hiring models,

Dedicated Developers

A CloudTrains team member will work solely on your project throughout.

  • Rapid Onboarding
  • Quick Replacement
  • 7-Day Paid Trial
  • 30-Day Notice Period for Resource Release
  • Work Reviewed by Senior Developers
  • Maximum 45 Hours per Week
  • Utilization of Tracking Software
  • In-House Training to Developers

Fixed Project Team

Turn Your Vision into Software with a Fixed Price.

  • Share Your Requirements Document
  • Receive a Quotation
  • Enjoy a Single Point of Contact
  • Receive Reports Based on Milestones
  • Access Developers Directly
  • Accommodate On-the-Go Requirement Changes
  • Work with Dedicated Developers

India's Premier Talent Network

Discover India's Leading Talent Hub: 10000+ Exceptional Pre-Vetted Individuals

Front-End Developers

HTML , React JS , Angular JS , Vue JS , MEAN Stack , MERN Stack

Back-End Developers
Node.js, Laravel , PHP, WordPress, Shopify, HubSpot, Magento, MEAN Stack, MERN Stack, Drupal
Digital Marketers
Performance Marketer, SEO Experts, Social Media Ads Expert, Google Analytics Expert, Copy Writer
UI/UX Designers, Graphic Designers, Product Designers
Salesforce Developers
Administrators, Functional Consultants, Technical Consultants, Developers, Marketing Cloud Experts
Software Developers
Python, .NET, Java, DevOps, Azure, Cloud, Data, Data Science
Mobile App Developers
Android Developers, iOS Developers, Flutter Developers, React Native Developers
Email Markerters
Campaign Managers, Marketing Specialists Developers
Data and QA
Data Engineer, Data Analyst. Data Scientist, Quality Analyst

Unlock the gateway to a coveted and exclusive realm of talent, encompassing over 100 skillsets at the intersection of the dynamic Marketing and cutting-edge Technology sectors.

How to get started with CloudTrains ?

We Optimize your recruitment process by hiring remote software engineers who have been rigorously vetted and align seamlessly with your specific requirements.

Step 01

Share Job Description

Provide comprehensive job descriptions, essential qualifications, required industry expertise, and budget details.

Step 02

Screening Resumes

We'll identify the most suitable candidate(s) within 48 hours for your consideration. You can then select and provide preferred interview time slots.

Step 03

Interview and Hire

Take the time to assess them until you have complete confidence in their suitability, and then offer constructive feedback.

Step 04

Onboard & Manage

We'll take care of all legal aspects and contracts with our talent, guarantee a seamless onboarding for your talent process.


What They Say About Us

Dynamically initiate market positioning total linkage with clicks-and-mortar
technology compelling data for cutting-edge markets.
Sirshi Ladha Sirshi Ladha

Sirshi Ladha

Unnati Silks

As the Senior Brand Consultant Manager at Unnati Silks, I know firsthand just how crucial it is for us to have reliable support in our web and app development. For this reason, we decided to leverage the expertise of CloudTrains, a highly-experienced and well-respected e-commerce agency with prior experience working with similar brands. Thanks to the efforts of CloudTrains, our platform has been transformed into an advanced web portal, complete with over 200,000 monthly active users that rank ninth on their category! Furthermore, they strive to ensure that all milestones are met before due date. We've gone as far as to call them partners instead of a one-time vendor--such is our level of connection!

Sirshi Ladha
Margaret Wejnkaim Margaret Wejnkaim

Margaret Wejnkaim


As Project Coordinator at WhatUni.com , I was charged with product development and brand direction. Partnering with CloudTrains allowed us to completely revamp our mobile application and Web Portal, producing something that incorporated advanced coding skills that we lacked in-house. Thanks to their technical skill, they were able to design an iOS & Android App that allows users to locate the ideal college in the UK according to their interests. The team not only met deadlines and expenses but also produced a top-notch product that followed industry security protocols. After launching, the success of our upgrades became readily apparent; within one month we had over 100K downloads along with nearly 2K reviews!

Margaret Wejnkaim
Lourdes Mae Palafox Lourdes Mae Palafox

Lourdes Mae Palafox


At ShoreTrade.com, we're proud to offer an online marketplace for seafood. With our partnership with CloudTrains, we were able to develop a mobile app and in-house custom software that benefits both sellers and buyers. This app comes with fast performance, budget-friendly prices, powerful features such as tracking, AI-based chatbot and live media alongside payment gateway integration – all of which abide by industry security protocols. Our dedicated product development team worked hard on this project and stayed true to its timeline. We are very pleased with the excellent results!

Lourdes Mae Palafox
Beth Sutton Beth Sutton

Beth Sutton


As the Talent Associate at a graduate recruitment agency, I can highly recommend working with CloudTrains. When it came time to build our internal website and Performance Measurement Tool, we reviewed three companies for the job. Two were based in London whereas the third was from India (namely CloudTrains). After assessing each against criteria like references, quality, and skills, we decided that CloudTrains was best suited for this task. The reasons being their fantastic process combined with invaluable suggestions about features which proved integral when launching. Additionally, the research conducted by them was helpful in terms of gaining a better understanding of the market from a technical standpoint. While this may mean their process takes a bit longer than some IT companies out there, overall it's an incredibly positive experience.

Beth Sutton